An Introduction

Well, hey there! It seems if I’m going to start a blog based primarily on the fact that I’m a fan of a particular band, I should probably start by talking about how I became a fan in the first place, and what it is about that band that keeps me “coming back for more” year after year. Two years ago, Hanson celebrated the 20th anniversary of their debut album, Middle of Nowhere, and at the time, I dusted off an old personal blog I hadn’t used in five years. So, instead of rehashing it all for you here, I’ll just link it here, then we can all move on together and fast forward to Hanson Day 2019.

Each year in May, Hanson hosts a fan club festival in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The first time I went was in 2009, and I’ve been going consistently since 2012. Tulsa, especially the Arts District, has grown a lot since that first trip, and it’s been neat to come back each year and get to see new things and try new restaurants. This year’s new Tulsa explorations included: Lone Wolf Banh Mi, Tavolo, The Goods Bodega, and of course, The Gathering Place. Since day one back in 2009, I’ve told people that it reminds me of a much smaller version of Nashville. I guess it’s fitting that it’s apparently following in Nashville’s construction footsteps as well.

Not only has the city of Tulsa grown, but the Hanson Day event has grown itself. Back in 2009, they held three sessions in a little theater (no really, it’s literally the Tulsa Little Theatre), and you could only sign up for one of the three sessions. Good luck getting into the same one as your friends! And talk about FOMO over missing the other two sessions. For the most part they were identical, but there may have been a song or two different, and of course different brotherly banter between songs. After each session, they took group photos by row. And then that was it.

Ten years later, and the Hanson Day activities included: one “storytellers” show, a String Theory show (Hanson + a symphony, technically not part of the fan club event as it was open to the public), a members’ only concert, group photos, a “State of the Band” discussion with a brief q&a, a bonus EP listening party, a painting class, an art and photo gallery, a bowling competition, a pop-up merch store, karaoke, and a dance party. Then, when that festival is over, there is also now Hanson’s beer + music festival, The Hop Jam, which they headlined this year. While I did not attend every event this year, I still think they’re going to require a blog post of their own, so stay tuned for an actual Hanson Day post “soon”.

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    1. Ha, thanks. I got stuck trying to name it. I didn’t want to default to the cliche of a song title, but then the pun hit me and I was like well now I *have* to.


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