Brookhaven Cherryfest And More

PREFACE: Last week Monday, March 27th, I dropped my friend off at the airport as our trip came to an end. Shortly after coming back home, news broke out of the mass shooting at The Covenant School. This school is only miles from my home and my work. I did not know any of the … Continue reading Brookhaven Cherryfest And More

RGB Tour: Nashville, Atlanta, and Birmingham

July 13 - 20, 2022 Nashville I live in Nashville, so it was almost literally home base for this trio of shows. My house is pretty small, I had several friends coming in for the shows, and I have roommates I didn't want to annoy, so we ended up getting an AirBNB for the week. … Continue reading RGB Tour: Nashville, Atlanta, and Birmingham

Do Go B̶e̶ Eat: Nashville Edition

This picture is circa 2012; Nashville has changed a lot since then. It was taken from the pedestrian bridge one block south of Broadway, downtown. This post will be a little different than my normal Hanson/travel post, because this time I'm not the one traveling. Hanson will be playing at The Ryman in Nashville, TN … Continue reading Do Go B̶e̶ Eat: Nashville Edition